From The Dallas Morning News
Nitespots: Lee Harvey’s

I guess bar names are like band names: A dumb band name doesn’t necessarily mean that the music’s no good. So I visited Lee Harvey’s with the understanding that a strange bar name doesn’t necessarily mean the beer tastes bad.

And, luckily, it tasted just fine. There’s nothing on tap at Lee Harvey’s, but the bottles of beer are cheap – $2 domestics all night Monday through Thursday. Add to that one of the coolest jukeboxes this side of Cosmo’s, and you’ve got yourself a good time.

The best part, however, is that there’s stuff to do at Lee Harvey’s (you know, besides drinking). Inside, there’s a Ms. Pacman, a Galaga and a pool table; outside, there’s a nifty Caribbean ring game. We saw people playing it when we visited, but didn’t have a chance to try it ourselves. But you’d better believe I’ll be first in line next time we go – there’s nothing like a mindless bar game to take your mind off your worries. The basic point of the game is to swing a ring on a rope and land it on a small hook. Sort of like a poor man’s Golden Tee.

The idea of making a bar game out of rope, a hoop and a hook is sort of fitting for this place – Lee Harvey’s pretty much redefines “dive” for Dallas. While the manager, insists that it’s upscale because “all of the glasses match,” don’t be fooled. There’s no up on this place’s scale. It points all the way down. But I have to admit – I’m enamored. I just love a good dive, and the sketchier the neighborhood, the better. I love the feeling that I’ve discovered something way cool that no one else knows about.

Well, at least they didn’t know about it until now.

– Sunni Thompson